Champ life kids camp

When a dream of helping abused or neglected "at-risk" children became reality, wonderful things were certain to happen! Champ Life (previously called Champions for Life Kids’ Camp) continues to bring HOPE and encouragement
to children who desperately need it.

Champ Life Kids’ Camp began operations in the summer of 2003, servicing 31 foster children, age 7-11, from Macomb and St. Clair County, Michigan. Each year, thanks to the continued support of its generous donors, Champ Life has been able to expand its program to meet the ever-increasing needs of the surrounding communities as well. This year an anticipated 100 children will have the opportunity to attend a one week-long resident summer camp program.

what makes this program unique?

A team of 130 dedicated, trained, volunteer staff will participate in this year’s camps. The ratio of one adult per two children, gives each child the individualized attention he or she needs, as well as the unconditional love and encouragement each one longs for. Specialty staff consisting of a grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle and coach, are also on hand, lending a listening ear and providing continuous encouragement to all the children during their week at camp. Meals are served family-style, with the campers, camper buddies, and staff sitting down and eating together, reinforcing the value and importance of each child.

Campers will have opportunity to participate in a host of self-esteem building activities including horseback riding, kayaking, archery, swimming, technical tree climbing, wood shop, and more. Special events include “Carnival Day,” "Birthday Party" for every child, a visit to our professional “Beauty Shop” and “Photo Studio” and yearly favorite, the “Mud Walk.” Each child returns home with an Awards Book and Photo Album displaying their own achievements for the week, along with a link to access all of the camp songs. Within the safe and loving environment of Champ Life, lasting, positive memories are made, creating “HOPE” for a better future.

How effective is this program? These are the words of one grandparent who called our office after a week of camp:
“Your program, in the course of just one week, has done more for my
two grandchildren than a whole year of professional counseling.”

Meet the team

Pat Carlson

Founder and Co-Director
Pastor Pat's vision to help abandoned, abused, and neglected children became a reality when she founded Champ Life. Her love for hurting kids was the catalyst that gave birth to an organization that has impacted the lives for thousands of kids since 2003.  She continues to raise up others in this important work to impact countless more.

Brian Molloy

Brian served as co-director of Champ Life since the beginning.  Champ Life could not be what it is without his example of sacrificial love. His quiet leadership and faithfulness have influenced the culture and direction of Champ Life.  He is viewed as a father to countless children and volunteers. 

Tommy Sheerer

Pastor and Co-Director
Pastor Tommy has volunteered at Champ Life since 2006. In 2020, he answered the call to lead Champ Life as Pastor and Co-Director.  He has played an integral role in expanding Champ Life with a vision to multiply our reach and impact in the lives underprivileged children. 

Keri Sheerer

Keri has led kids' programs for over 15years.  She answered the call to serve as co-director in 2020 along with her husband, Pastor Tommy.  She has an incredible gift to work with children and is passionate about seeing hurting kids receiving healing and hope.  Her leadership continues the culture of love inherited from the founders.

Sue Pace

Director of Community Relations
Sue has served as Community Relations Director for over a decade.  Champ Life  has continued to grow within the state of Michigan due to the community relationship Sue has cultivated.  It's her dedication coupled with optimism that helps propel Champ Life's outreach year after year.

Meet the founders

Loving. Faithful. Sacrificial.

Terry and Pat Carlson

Founders & Co-Directors
After counseling young women caught in the bondage of addiction, Pastor Pat learned that so many of their issues were rooted in their childhood.
That realization evolved into a burden and a vision to reach hurting people while they are young to set them up for a future full of hope and victory.
Pastor Terry had the same heart and in 2003 they launched what was known as Champions for Life Kids Camp.  

After 20 years, they continue to pour themselves out for the sake of helping hurting kids everywhere.  Thanks to Pastors Terry and Pat, there is now an army of loving volunteers equipped to meet the needs of countless hurting children for generations to come.  

Pastors Terry and Pat have not slowed down. They continue to serve on the front lines through various Champ Life programs as well as mission trips around the world.  They also invest their gifts, time, energy, and wisdom in the lives of others who have a heart for bringing hope and healing as well.

Brian and Beth Molloy

Brian and Beth Molloy caught the vision of Champ Life from the very beginning.  Their lifestyle of love, integrity, and faithfulness made them the perfect couple to come alongside Pastors Terry and Pat to build such an impactful organization.  The two couples had the same heart but Brian and Beth brought unique skill sets that were necessary for both the launch and growth of Champ Life.

Brian and Beth have truly poured their lives into Champ Life and their impact in the lives of thousands of children and volunteers is impossible to quantify.  They have been the quiet strength behind the scenes that made it possible for Champ Life to touch lives not only in Michigan, but around the world.  

Brian and Beth continue to support and serve Champ Life with just as much love and compassion as the beginning.  They are a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.  

Vision HOPE Community Development Corporation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that raises funds for local community charitable activities.

Presently Vision HOPE’s sole focus is on raising the necessary funds to operate "Champ Life.” Underprivileged and "at-risk" children from the surrounding communities participate in a variety of fun and educational activities in a non-threatening and loving environment. With a highly trained and devoted staff, these children will discover not only their inner strengths and abilities, but their self-worth as well.

The cost is high, but thanks to the generous support of people like you we are able to keep Champ Life in operation. We are making advancements toward building our own facility, which will enhance the activities of the camp while reducing costs. Join the Vision Hope team and become a partner in this very worthy cause that reaches the hearts of children who are victims of abuse, abandonment, or neglect.